Big Game Hunting Clubs & Hunting Associations

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New Zealand

New Zealand Deerstalkers' Association

NZ Deer Cullers Inc.

Pig Hunting Clubs

Bay of Plenty Pig Hunting Club                 P.O. Box 4016, Western Heights, Rotorua.

Coromandel Pig Hunting Club

East Coast Pig Hunting Club

Eastern Pig Hunting Club Inc.

Hawkes Bay Pig Hunting Club                 PO Box 2377, Stortford Lodge, Hastings 4153

Kai Iwi Pig Hunters Club                       R.D. 4, 63 Ngarino Rd, Kai Iwi, Wanganui.

Keri Keri Pig Hunting Club

Malborough Pig Hunting Club                 P.O. Box 310, Blenheim.

Otaua Pig Hunting Club

Rotorua Pig Hunting Club

Te Kuiti Pig Hunting Club                       P.O. Box 235, Te Kuiti.

Tokoroa Pig Hunting Club                     P.O. Box 389, Tokoroa.

Wairarapa Pig Hunting Club                    P.O. Box 268, Masterton.

Whangamomona Pig Hunting Club             R.D. 26, Stratford, Taranaki.

Whitianga Pig Hunting Club                     P.O. Box 4, Whitianga.


Australian Deer Association

The Australian Deer Association (ADA) was established in 1969 and is the largest deer hunting and deer conservation organisation in Australia with nineteen Branches in six States and approximately 3500 members nationally.
The Association and its members are dedicated to the retention of habitat for deer and other wildlife, the preservation and extension of public access to Australian bushland and the conservation and management of wild deer as a sustainable recreational resource.

The Alpine Hunting Shooting & Fishing Club

A Sydney based, private not-for-profit sporting company owned by a group of outdoor sportsmen who actively participate in shooting sports. We target members and shareholders who are prepared to shoot regularly with sporting rifles on our ranges, so that they can become first rate hunters. We are also looking for new friends who are also dedicated to their field sports - like many of us are. Our Club organises regular target shooting events and hunting trips for members competent in the safe use of firearms.

The Australian Pig Doggers & Hunting Association

The APDHA is a Game Council approved hunting organization with an emphasis on representation and education. It provides a number of membership benefits including Public Liability Insurance, Permission to Hunt contracts, an internet forum with free classifieds & vet advice, hunter education programs, participation in a Feral Animal Control Program, access to a mediator between hunters, government officials, law enforcement & landowners, sponsor discounts, and regular competition prize draws.

North Eastern Deer Stalkers Association

The North Eastern Deerstalkers Association aims to:
Promote greater interest in deer and deer stalking and to encourage support for deer conservation to ensure hunting for future generations.
Gather and distribute information to association members about deer and deer stalking.
Maintain liaison with similarly oriented organizations.
Members shall hunt in accordance with the ideals of good sportsmanship and ethical hunting practices.
Conduct regular club activities to introduce novice hunters and promote fellowship amoungst members.

Gippsland Deerstalkers Association

Australian Bowhunters Association Inc

Inner West Hunters Club Inc

Nepean Hunters Club Inc

Twin City Bowmen


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