Hunting for the Disabled

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Towing the trailer
Pulling the trailer
Preparing for the hunt.
North Canterbury disabled hunting

Disabled hunters can now hunt in New Zealand with NZ Hunting Info Ltd.

We use a tracked power chair that has been designed and built in Christchurch for the purpose of hunting.

This chair can be used to hunt red stag, fallow buck, tahr and small game, and allows the disabled hunter a degree of hunting independence previously not possible.

The chair has special features such as tracked drive and a tilt seat to enable slope adjustment for the hunter. The chair’s battery can be charged with a portable generator in the field so that disabled hunters can hunt remote locations.

Tracking down a steep hill.
Wheel chair and deer
A white fallow shot from the chair.
Pulling the trailer

Please note that hunters need full upper body function and strength to successfully hunt with this chair.
T3 disability is the maximum level of disability allowable for the safe and successful operation of this chair with a rifle in the hunting environment.

Using the tracked power chair, we are now able to provide a special New Zealand hunting experience for disabled hunters.

For more information e-mail   Steuart   of NZ Hunting Info Ltd