New Zealand Hunting Permits

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The Department of Conservation (DOC) divides New Zealand into fourteen regions (conservancies) for administering hunting permits.

Hunting permits can be obtained from regional DOC offices either by telephone or by visiting the offices.

In most instances the DOC regional offices issuing hunting permits need to sight your "Visitors Firearms Licence". This means that you must visit the office in person or Fax the Licence to the office so they can issue the permit.
Therefore you cannot obtain a New Zealand hunting permit for DOC land until you arrive in the country.

Specific information can be found via web sites for some of the regions as listed below. The other DOC regions do not supply specific hunting information via their web sites and their offices have to be contacted directly for hunting information.

Hunting information by region

Otago                  Coastal Otago,     Central Otago,     Wanaka,     Wakatipu    
Canterbury           Aoraki/Mt Cook ,     MacKenzie & Waitaki ,     North Canterbury & Arthur's Pass,     Mid & South Canterbury    
West Coast          Arahura & Styx Valley,     Hokitika,     Reefton,     Mikonui     Buller     South Westland     Greymouth     Franz Joseph    
Southland            Fiordland,     Western Southland     Eastern Southland    
Stewart Island      Stewart Island      Stewart Island Block Availablity     

Auckland              North Auckland     
Waikato               Waikato Hunting Blocks    
Bay of Plenty        Bay of Plenty Hunting Blocks     
East Coast              East Coast Hunting Blocks,    
Central North Island        Central North Island Hunting Blocks,    
Taranaki              Taranaki Hunting Blocks,    
Manawatu/Whanganui        Manawatu/Whanganui Hunting Blocks,    
Hawke's Bay        Hawke's Bay Hunting Blocks,    
Wairarapa              Wairarapa Hunting Blocks,    
Wellington            Wellington     

Private Land

No permits are required for visitors hunting on private land providing of course they have the permission of the land owner. Therefore if you will be hunting on a Safari Game Park or any other area of private land no applications for permits will be needed.

Similarly, a hunting licence is not required for hunting on private land under the supervision of a guide. Provided a hunter is under the close supervision of a New Zealand Firearms Licence holder, no firearms licence is required.


For more information e-mail   Steuart   of NZ Hunting Info Ltd