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Bowhunters Lodge

Australian Reedy Safaris

Australian Buffalo Hunters


Africa General

JD Safari

Safari Hunter Hunting Trips in Africa and UK

Namibia Hunting

Hunters Namibia Safaris

Boet Nel Safaris Namibia

Byseewah Safaris Namibia

Vanheerdens Safaris Namibia

Ozondjahe Hunting Safaris Namibia

Vieranas Safaris

Classic Safaris with Vaughan Fulton, Namibia

Eitaalo Hunting Safaris with Hendrik Herselman, Namibia

Jan Oelofse Safaris  For the greatest hunting adventure in Namibia

Kowas Adventure Safaris

Trophy Hunting Safaris Namibia

South Africa Hunting

Phirimas Safaris South Africa

Bush Wise Safaris South Africa

Twende Safaris South Africa

Wintershoek/Johnny Vivier Safaris South Africa

Valley Bushveld Safaris

Tanzania Hunting

Jack Brittingham's Tanzanian Adventures

Rungwa Game Safaris Tanzania

World Class African Trophy Hunting Safari Outfitter in Namibia. Experience an Amazing Plains Game Hunting Safari in Africa.

Phil Lozano Tanzania Trophy Expeditions-


Mule Deer Foundation

Eagle Ridge Outfitters

Gana River Outfitters

NWT Outfitters

Monster Muleys

Canadian Guide Outfitters

Hunting Canada

Alberta Outdoors: Hunting Outfitters Directory

Beartooth Outfitters  Elk hunt with one of the most experienced guide services

El Guanaco Hunting Preserve.     Hunting in La Pampa, Argentina

Hunting Society Org.      30,000 links to hunting

Trophy Ridge Outfitters.      Hunting New Mexico.Guided Elk hunts, Deer hunts, Antelope hunts, and Oryx hunts.


Hunting in Texas


The Icelandic Hunting Club

Russian Hunting Adventures

Hunting and Fishing in Russia

Deer Stalking Scotland

Hunting, Fishing and Camping in Russia

Musado Wild Nature.      Hunting, Fishing, Falconry, Spear Fishing, Tourism and Mountaineering

Woodmill Shootings.      Roe Deer stalking in Scotland

 Kingsplot United Kingdom

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