Trophy Scoring Systems

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There are several trophy scoring systems used around the world. Which system you use depends where you come from and which species is being measured.
The three most commonly used systems in New Zealand are as follows:

Douglas Score

This is the primary scoring system used for trophies obtained by free range hunting in the Australasian countries. These countries include Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.
The greatest distinguishing feature of the Douglas System see Scoring Form is the emphasis on symmetry.
The New Zealand Deerstalkers Association is the organisation that oversees the training of measurers, the measurement of trophies and maintains a master list of trophies and scores.


This is the system used by North and South Americans. It is also the score used by the safari hunting businesses in New Zealand.
Safari Club International (SCI) is the equivalent of the NZDA in that this organisation maintains a master list of trophies which can be found on the SCI Online Record Book and also in a hard copy trophy record book. To become an Official Certified Measurer you have to join Safari Club International and pass a test. SCI supplies measuring kits and measurers' manuals. An example of an SCI measuring form for a typical elk is shown below.
SCI  Measuring Forms for all species of animals are available in .pdf format from the SCI website.


The organisation known as CIC is European. The greatest distinguishing feature of the CIC trophy scoring system is the incorporation of skull and antler weight into the final score.
See example of score sheet for red deer
The CIC system of International Formula for the Measurement and Evaluation of Trophies is provided at the CIC website.

Other well known North American trophy scoring systems include the following;

Boon and Crockett Club see Score Chart
Pope and Young Club for bow hunters see Score Sheet
Buckmasters see Score Sheet
Grancel Fritz

SCI Measuring Form for Typical Elk
SCI form for typical elk

Boone & Crockett Score Chart for Typical Whitetail

Boone and Crockett score chart for typical whitetail

Pope & Young Score Sheet for Non-Typical Whitetail

Pope & Young score sheet for non-typical whitetail

Buckmasters Score Sheet for Whitetail

Buckmasters score sheet for whitetail

CIC Score Sheet for Red Deer

Douglas Score Sheet

Douglas score sheet

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